Marketing Automation

Integrate. Initiate. Optimize. Automate.

Triggered Conditional Messaging

A revolutionary conditional messaging tool intended to productively help marketers automatically push SMSs and Push Notifications, based on email campaign engagement.

Customer Journey

An intelligent yet automated marketing strategy setting a predictive roadmap of a customer until he purchases a particular product.

Web Push Notification

Customized popups on desktop and mobile phone that are personalised for every individual customer for higher conversion.

Push Notifications

The real revenue generator module through mobile app. Push notification instantly engage a customer with latest updates that are personalised.

Real-Time Behavioural Triggers

Automated email triggers based on user behavioural. Behavioural triggers help enterprises achieve higher ROI since it targets only the potential leads.

Exit-intent Popup

Make your visitor buy or engage at anyhow with promotional, behavioural, or personalised popups when he/she is about to leave the website without making a single purchase.

Email Marketing

Reach your customers seamlessly across the globe with our advanced automated email marketing system. Our comprehensive email marketing automation tools lighten your marketing efforts.

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