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iCubesPro is a leading digital marketing service provider serving tier 1 brands across Asia-Pacific, US and European markets with exceptional capabilities Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Creative Services, Data Services, and Mobile Marketing.
Launched in 2010, iCubesPro showcases one of the most robust and innovative email marketing campaign management platforms with superior features aiding management of cross platform customer insights, device specific behavioural retargeting, e-commerce revenue multiplication, and in-depth web and mobile analytics.

Every customer is an enterprise customer for us! We leave the legacy of not only offering cutting edge technologies but also presenting the marketer with industry best consulting right from customer acquisition, engagement and retention.

iCubesPro proactively addresses the future market demands by offering advanced platform features and support capabilities helping your marketing team act in tandem and design state-of-the-art responsive emails that augments your campaigns with deep personalisation, smart targeting and multifold value creation extended beyond emails to web, mobile and channels. Get geared up to try our avant-garde engineered marvel brainchild.







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