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Experience the Best Email Marketing Service from the Top Automated Email Software

iCubesPro provides AI-based email marketing and helps you to get the most out of the technology. The advanced platform functionalities, data management, and assistance offer our customers the best email marketing service experience. Further, it helps them build a strong relationship and improve their overall email marketing productivity.

Best Email Marketing Service Consulting

The best email marketing service is the main objective of our brand. Email delivery is not just to make sure your emails reach your customer’s inbox. In addition, they should receive your promotional emails to increase your click, open and engagement rates. Emails are always optimized for a good email delivery rate. However, some factors keep these triggered emails away from reaching the recipient’s inbox. As a result, it goes to the spam folder.

How We Solve Email Delivery Issues?

Google, Yahoo and other ISPs frequently update algorithms to keep spam promotional emails away. So, to make them land in the inbox is always a challenge. The in-house automated email programs make sure that our customers have the best email service experience. We reduce spam emails and improve email deliverability services by using our best email verification and validation tool.

Email delivery rate is a growing concern for marketers. For example, 1 in 10 email campaigns lands in the spam folder. You create an ideal email campaign and when it doesn’t reach your customer’s inbox, it is a waste of time and money. Our best email delivery service helps you start right and lands your targeted email to its destination. SPF, DMARC security, DKIM authentication are some of the other related email deliver functions. It makes sure that your email campaigns reach right at the receiver’s inbox. 

We deliver emails in large volume using dedicated IPs with pool management. For that, we make use of our best email marketing automation tools. Also, we employ the best verification and validation tool to remove invalid contacts from the email list. It will reduce the bounce rate and guarantees a high email delivery rate in the inbox. Moreover, our expert team focuses on all other features that address the email campaign delivery issues.

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Technical Configuration & Support

Our dedicated team offers customers expert knowledge and assistance and guide you through best email marketing service and data management journey. From product demo to configuration, we want you to get the most out of the technology. 

Our automated email marketing services offer customers knowledge and solution on technical configuration, support and all other related topics. Further, it guides you through your email marketing automation and data management journey. In short, from product demo to configuration, we want you to get the most out of our best email marketing service. 

Our customized email marketing automation practices includes guidance, configuration assistance, and product demo that help meet your goals. We solve the areas of improvement and focus on productivity. Therefore, our highly qualified technical experts process requests faster in an efficient manner to build a strong customer relationship.

Account Management

Our account management service for specific business purposes is offered in two ways to provide flexibility.

Full Service:

Firstly, our full account management services are provided by our email marketing team. It includes account management, email delivery consultation, phone and email support etc.


On the other hand, our self account management services are where the user will be given access to the platform. They will manage it from their side and the essential support will be given from our side.

To Sum Up

iCubesPro maintains its pride as the best email marketing service provider. Most importantly, we had simplified the email marketing efforts of several leading Asian enterprises. Some of them include Taj Hotels, IndiaMart, Myntra, Mydala,, Titan Watches, Pepperfry, Metro Shoes, Big Basket,, IAS Media, Zivame, Clovia, Radisson Blu, Hopscotch, Global Delight, Halaltrip, Biba, Shuttland and more. You may be the next one on the list. So contact us now and run automated email marketing campaigns that convert!

Email Marketing

Revolutionize Your Emails for Marketing Automation & Grow Your Business

Marketing automation - icubespro

Usage of analytics can improve behavioural triggers and turn your website visitors into loyal customers. Similarly, you can use in-depth insights to help optimize your email campaigns, grow your list and attract more leads and conversions to better your business revenue under one platform – iCubesPro.

Cross Channel Orchestrations

Cross channel marketing - icubespro

Cross-channel marketing raises strategies in which all channels are used in an integrated manner, offering the user a complete digital experience. If the same message is sent through all channels in cross-channel marketing, each channel provides its specificity to achieve a complete approach to users.

Nowadays, the same user navigates in different devices and channels where a brand impacts them with its products in a different manner. Cross-channel orchestrations deliver valuable insights at every step helping marketers to achieve their goals. Similar to the way marketers use different channels to promote their brand, likewise, customers no longer prefer a single interface to engage with a brand.

Cross channel orchestration integrates all the channels so that information is shared among the same user and personalized content can be offered while being in the channel. Customers participate in your Facebook account, tweet your brand, follow you on Instagram, browse online for options, talk to your support team, and walk into your store to get better deals. 

Moreover, our product helps to pull data from all channels and identify the ones that customers did or didn’t engage with, follow up with them through the channels and make sure that branding across social media, web, and email deliverability is at its best. It provides a seamless experience to your customers that pushes them towards conversions, as it is vital for your ROI optimization. 


Remarketing tries to sell the users a product that didn’t convince them at first. The key to traditional remarketing is to offer the product again with an element that makes it attractive such as a discount, an improvement in quality, advantages over competitor’s purchases etc. 

Remarketing refers to the recovery of users interested in a certain product or service that have not finalized the purchase or contracting at first. This is achieved by sending an authenticated email with a reminder, optionally with a promotion or an offer to complete the purchase of a product. It is proven to have high conversion rates and so is one of the options to take into account in the email marketing sales strategy.

As technology advances, new marketing strategies are emerging that adapt to new digital tools. Using our behavioural email marketing strategy, you can personalize the marketing email content according to different customer actions initiated on the website. Analyzing the search behaviour on your website and having an automated system, we could generate a campaign that each client is looking for. 

Based on the customer actions, email campaigns can be targeted. Different kinds of customer analytics are tracked like page views, revenue, conversion, time spent, number of carts added etc. This helps to create more personalized campaigns for customers and businesses and subsequently increase sales.

Best Practices for Email Marketing

Email marketing  best practices - icubespro

Generating continuous growth requires a lot of technical intelligence, practical knowledge, better understOn the other hand, our talent and expertise in this field will help you achieve success. Our best practice is to assemble all marketinanding, a clear email marketing strategy and coordination skills. Today’s marketers cannot do everything at once and have to prove they are strategists, technologists, idealists, innovators and creative directors to stay ahead in the competition. 

g actions which include data, content and creatives to generate a program that can integrate to any channel to connect your customers through engagement, acquisition and loyalty programs.

iCubesPro extends the best email marketing digital marketing strategy to your website to enable an omnichannel experience that identifies and distinguish between website users and visitors they want. Entry and exit pop-ups build customer conversion and retention abilities. It presents adaptive and intelligent product recommendations with personalized content and measures the revenue in real-time, thereby transforming the customer journey to success.

Email Marketing

Creative & Unique Designs that Convey Messages For Your Brand

Responsive design - icubespro

iCubesPro sketches out the best from and for your brand. Our think-tank creative leaders are skilled to draw out world-class concepts that help your brand stand out and shine in limelight. Below are our creative design prototypes that help you outperform.

Channel Specific Ad Creation

The necessity of having a different tool for every marketing channel is difficult. Our sophisticated email software suits your email campaigns, text messaging, and social media needs entirely under one platform with minimal effort. Visually attractive email campaigns grab the attention of clients establishing customer relationships and building loyalty to increase the sales of your company. Creating these visually attractive email campaigns is made easy by adapting them to any of our customizable templates for email marketing.

Marketers can amplify email marketing campaigns by publishing them on social networks, multiplying your email reachability and generating more leads. The email campaigns templates designed by our expert artistic team can be easily customized to fit your specific needs and can be integrated into any channel. In short, it allows you to publish the same content on any platform.

Responsive Designs

Responsive design - icubespro

No guide really tells you how an email campaign has to be designed, but what is clear is that the design has to be responsive to something very important in this century. The objective of responsive design is to provide web users with the same content regardless of the device with which they have connected. The page must be available despite the screen size or the loading speed of the device. 

Web design experts rate it as the top desirable tactic. One of the greatest benefits offered by responsive design is the improvement of SEO positioning. The more compatible devices you have the more reach your page will receive. This will certainly generate more traffic to your website.

Email marketing campaigns that are not optimized for smartphones or mobile devices will give consumers a poor experience. A single campaign is created adapting all the contents according to the resolution and the devices from where it will be seen. Separate templates are not needed for every device. As a result, it saves a lot of time and effort. 

Mobile responses are growing and responsive emails give a more satisfying experience encouraging customers to click through and have more qualified conversions. Keeping in mind the trends and importance of email marketing. We have built-in pre-designed templates and layouts responsive to all devices to engage and retain our customers.

Want to have a glimpse of our creative expertise? Contact us now. 

Email Marketing

Single Automated Platform With Integrated Features Serving Endless Possibilities.

Automation features and capabilities are integrated into a comprehensive platform to enhance marketing effectiveness and to ensure that every series you send is better than the last.

Smart Projects

Customized application development adapted to the particular needs of your business or entity allows focusing on some objectives or specific needs. We develop intelligent and dynamic projects that will enable you to control your customers easily and conveniently. It can also help you generate in-depth reports and statistics of all your digital marketing activities.

The knowledge about your visitors and their requirements comes from tracking their behaviour during their visits to your website. Exclusive functionalities of our emailing platform can automate marketing, sales activities and provide information from customers directly to and from the CRM, ERP. This helps to get a clear vision of how a user behaves, by which phase they responds and buys and the segment of profitable customers can be known. So, it helps you build your sales opportunities.


iCubesPro through years of relentless service as an authenticated email sender helped us design and begin an outstanding mailing application that perfectly suits the unique needs of our customers. Consequently, we closely worked with smart projects where it solved their pain points and drove revenue.

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How important is the technical configuration and the role it plays in Email deliverability

As an Email marketer, it’s important for you to follow the email deliverability best practices to achieve successful campaign performance. Here, we walk you through various technical configurations and concepts behind email authentication and deliverability.

What is an authenticated email?

As part of the email delivery process, receiving mail servers work to determine the authenticity and legitimacy of the email. Email authentication is not just about security – it’s also about deliverability. You can help prevent email fraud, improve your email deliverability, and help ensure continued delivery at receiving mailboxes.

So what do we mean when we say an email has been successfully authenticated? In short, that a receiving mail server has been checked for the relevant SPF records, the DKIM key associated with your email and sending domain, and that your email has successfully passed those checks.


The Domain Name System (DNS) is the phone directory of the Internet.  Web browsers interact through Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. DNS translates domain names to IP addresses so browsers can load Internet resources.



Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) is an email validation system designed to detect email spoofing by providing a mechanism to allow receiving mail exchangers to check that incoming mail from a domain is authorized by that domain’s administrators and that the email has not been modified during the transport. A digital signature included with the message can be validated by the recipient using the signer’s public key published in the DNS. In technical terms, DKIM is a technique to authorize the domain name which is associated with a message through cryptographic authentication.

Domain key is an email authentication system created by Yahoo. It gives email providers a mechanism for verifying both the domain of each email sender and the integrity of the messages sent (i.e., that they were not altered during transit). Since the actual domain can be verified, it can be compared to the domain claimed in the From: field of the message. If the sender is genuine, a profile can be established for that domain that can be tied into anti-spam policies. If the email is a forgery, it can be dropped, flagged or quarantined.

Preventing forged email helps email marketers in a number of ways, including branding. Using Domain-Keys reduce the chance that someone will impersonate your domain and use it for fraudulent purposes, including “phishing attacks” — the solicitation of personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers, etc.

A sample DKIM record is given below:








Screenshot of the Godaddy panel after updating the DKIM is given below:







     Note: Using Domain key doesn’t guarantee that your email will bypass any spam filters on the receiving end, but if your recipients can confirm that the email truly came from you, and if they consider you someone of good reputation, they are more likely to receive your emails in the inbox.


Sender Policy Framework, an extension of SMTP that stops e-mail spammers from forging the “From” fields in an e-mail. As SMTP itself does not carry an authenticating mechanism, the SPF extension provides the authentication scheme by specifying which computers are authorized to send email from a specific domain. In order to use SPF, the domain sending e-mails must establish an SPF record that is published in DNS records. When the e-mail passes through the DNS server, it is compared to the SPF record for that domain to determine if the sender is indeed authorized to transmit e-mails from that sender’s address. If the e-mail comes from a domain that is not authorized, the DNS server will not forward the e-mail to the expected destination.

SPF is one method that can be used to stop spam from being sent using unauthorized domain names. However, it should be noted that SPF only stops the spammer from forging the “From” field in the e-mail and does not stop the spammer from sending e-mails from a domain in which it is a member.

SPF was formerly called Sender Permitted Form, but the name was later changed while the abbreviation remained the same.

SPF allows administrators to specify which hosts are allowed to send mail from a given domain by creating a specific SPF record (or TXT record) in the Domain Name System (DNS). Mail exchangers use the DNS to check that mail from a given domain is being sent by a host sanctioned by that domain’s administrators.

If a domain publishes an SPF record, spammers and phishers are less likely to forge e-mails pretending to be from that domain, because the forged e-mails are more likely to be caught in spam filters which check the SPF record. Therefore, an SPF-protected domain is less attractive to spammers and phishers. Because an SPF-protected domain is less attractive as a spoofed address, it is less likely to be blacklisted by spam filters and so ultimately the legitimate e-mail from the domain is more likely to get through.

A sample SPF record is given below:








The CNAME record creates an alias for The CNAME is needed for our click and open tracking features in order for those statistics to be routed back to your account. This will also be what your messages are signed by, so your recipients will be able to see what you have chosen for your CNAME.

It is always an ideal approach to do click through masking in your domain used for sending out email campaigns.

This helps to bring a good reputation on your domain as well as to reduce the impact on your server farm.

For example, take the scenario where Click through masking is not done. When a user receives a mail and he clicks on any link or clicks on spam, the server farm gets first reflected and the direct hit will be on the same which affects the server farm reputation.

On the other hand, when a user is not reporting spam and clicks on any link, the path which gets first reflected in the server farm and post which, it will be redirected to the actual path. But, since the click through masking configuration is not done, the domain users will not be getting the benefit/reputation as well as the actual reputation of the domain will not be measurable.

Hence, better user experience and improved deliverability are the 2 core benefits of URL masking. We always prefer it to be customized with the brand name.

 A sample CNAME is given below:






     Screenshot of the Godaddy panel after updating the CNAME is given below:







Feedback Loop Integration:

Feedback loops are reports that ISPs provide to large volume senders about the number of recipients who mark their mails as spam. It’s a really important service that allows businesses to monitor their sender reputation with the ISPs and quickly take action for damage control if large numbers of recipients are marking their emails as spam. This is very crucial for businesses that are dependent on email marketing as the main revenue stream.  Yahoo Mail offers a free Complaint Feedback Loop program to help email senders minimize complaint rates.


When it comes to email program, feedback loop integration plays a very vital role.

Let’s take an example where you have targeted 1000 Non-Gmail users and you got 10 spam complaints which is 0.01% against the total volume targeted.

On the other hand, the majority of your database is coming from Gmail say 70%. So, it’s very crucial when you target the Gmail users, where the total projected spam complaint would be almost double of the total spam complaint reported. Hence when we target the Gmail users, we need to be extremely cautious as Gmail ISP can blacklist this domain due to the high no: of spam complaints generated.

On the other hand, take the case where Feedback loop integration is not done. In the back end, users would be reporting on the spam which does not get tracked in the system and due to this, domain can get blacklisted by Gmail ISP. Where from a marketer perspective, rest of the factors are within the permissible limits. But due to the lack of FBL integration, the spam complaints are hidden and we are unable to find out the reason why the domain has got into reputation issue. The industry average for spam complaints is 0.01%.


How to Configure Yahoo Feedback Loop:

When we configure a domain, we need to submit the domain name, the selector value and the email id to which the complaint gets generated. The email id which needs to be updated in the Yahoo feedback Loop is On the other hand, we need to create the “” id for submitting the yahoo feedback loop. For Yahoo to share the spam complaints, feedback loop should be set.

Gmail Feedback Loop:

Gmail announced their Feedback Loop (FBL) pilot offering to ESPs to help them with identifying bad actors and spammers on their network.

Adding a Domain Name to the Postmaster’s Interface.

In order to add a domain name, it will be necessary to login to “” and click on the ‘+’ bottom-right on the screen: the pop-up screen will now display:

Enter the domain name to be set, and then click Next. On the following screen, Google will ask you to prove that you own the domain by adding a DNS TXT or a DNS record.

The update of specific DNS servers may require up to 24 hours. It is possible that you are required to await before being able to click on the ‘Verify’ button — it is, of course, possible to switch windows and going back to it later on.

If you use several subdomains for each one of your different e-marketing campaigns, you will entitle to embed every single one of them, as well as the main domain name. This will empower you on one hand to monitor the performance of your domain names, and on the other, to have an overall view of the main domain.

Important: Here mentioned TXT embedding operations on your DNS have to be repeated for each Google user willing to access this data. If several users require access and that you run several subdomains, the creation of a new Google account reserved to your colleagues is likely to be the better solution.


DMARC is a new email standard designed to give email senders and ISPs additional tools to fight email forgery, phishing, and spoofing. It’s based around email authentication, but isn’t an authentication method itself; instead, it builds on existing authentication methods we already support – DKIM and SPF.

In circumstances where a domain or brand may be targeted by phishing attacks or forgery, DMARC can help ISPs to more easily identify and block unauthorized messages.

Similarly, for domains frequently appearing in unauthorized email or spam, DMARC may, in theory, help prevent damage to that domain’s sending reputation.

DMARC only requires you to authenticate your email with SPF and DKIM, check “alignment” (effectively just making sure the domains match), then publish a DMARC record within DNS for the authenticated domain.  But in more complex systems – where a domain may send email from multiple sources, for example – this may result in a legitimate email being filtered or rejected.

So if there is any uncertainty about the number of sources sending on behalf of the domain you plan to use DMARC with, or their authentication status, this method is not recommended.

In a more standard implementation, after authentication and alignment checks, DMARC is set up in “monitoring” mode to request reports of unauthenticated mail. These reports are used to identify any gaps in authentication coverage and/or alignment, which can then be closed. Once that process is complete, DMARC can be set to more aggressively filter/block unauthenticated mail.

More information is available here:

   A sample DMARC is given below:





Screenshot of the Godaddy panel after updating the DMARC is given below:





Custom Return-Path:

The CRP is a mailbox for handling/ tracking the bounced Email IDs. If the CRP setting is not done with the account, there is a chance of mails going to spam and bounced email IDs not getting tracked. CRP is visible from the header of the mails.

The return path is the address which bounced messages are sent to. When you send a message from your personal email, the bounces come back directly to you notifying you that the message was undeliverable. However, when targeting a bunch of users, return path is the place to park the hundreds of bounce receipts that may come back from an email campaign.  The return path of your email messages is not normally seen by recipients. However, it can have an impact on your domain reputation and may impact your deliverability. By customizing the return path, your domain reputation will not be affected by other senders.

Having a custom return path does not guarantee inbox delivery. There are a whole host of things that play into your sending reputation, cleaning up your email header and customizing your return path is an easy fix to get your emails to the inbox.

Email Marketing, Predictive intelligent emails

300 billion emails, 3 billion email inboxes! Is your email tailor-made for your unique customer?

Read on to find out how and why strategic and scientific email marketing never ceases to do wonders in digital marketing…

For Mrs. Robin, it was one of those busy Monday mornings.

Time for the usual coffee and running in at the nick of time after dropping her kids off at the school. She had just 5 minutes to spare before starting off her weekly review meeting. In spite of the morning rush, she ended up opening her inbox without much thought, out of habit.

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Email Deliverability

If you have noticed a drastic dip in Gmail open rates, this is for you.

Have you noticed a sudden dip in Gmail click/ open rates? Don’t worry, you are not alone. And, hopefully, it’s not going to last forever.

At Caspar Technologies, closely monitoring the email performance of our campaigns is part of our brand DNA. We live and breathe email and are proud to say we know it like the back of our hands. Our decade-old experience with email marketing empowers us to spot changes early on.

In the history of email marketing, there have been several reported instances of dip in open and click rates. However, from 22nd April 2018, our email team has documented a very drastic dip in Gmail open rates.

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Email Marketing

Drive in more User Interaction and Insights by means of appropriately Designed Email Surveys

Drive in more User Interaction and Insights by means of appropriately Designed Email Surveys

Effectively crafted email surveys is a must have in a powerful email marketing strategy and one must be well educated about the benefits surveys could potentially reap in terms of campaign performance, customer insights, brand retention and loyalty, trend analysis etc. The marketer should also be well aware of how to design effective email survey strategy. Survey driven user interactions will gather more personalised insights from the users and it should be a part and parcel of any competitive email campaigning repertoire. In this blog issue, we shall learn how to drive in more user interaction and insights by means of appropriately designed email surveys.  Read more

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Paradigms for Subscriber Engagement in Email Marketing

If you want more subscriber engagement in email marketing as you would ideally like to push in your products and services it will be always optimal to keep note of certain paradigms for engagement as demonstrated as standard frameworks within which a subscriber attends to your email campaigns. Here we bring before you some paradigms for subscriber engagement in email marketing: Read more