Huddle 2018

Huddle Kerala 2018 – Key Takeaways

As Huddle Kerala 2018 has come to a close, shall we say pixie dust has settled on several attendees? The mood is upbeat, the start-up ecosystem has had a fillip and, several attendees have started giving wings to their dreams.

Huddle Kerala, a part of the State government’s ambitious plan to give a boost to the start-up community, concluded in Trivandrum on April 7th, 2018. It rounded up potential investors who expressed faith in the state’s technological progress and promised to support emerging enterprises with funding and mentoring. With 2000 attendees tuning into 40 speakers across 30 sessions, Huddle lived up to its philosophy of helping next-generation companies move forward. It facilitated entrepreneur and investor meetings and huddled up a commendable start-up community. Talk about it, Huddle had it all: Block Chain, Crypto Currency, IoT, Gaming and e-Sports, Cyber Security, Digital Entertainment, AR/VR, AI, UI/UX & E-Gov/m-Gov. Read more

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cMercury List Growth cum Lead Gen – Drive the most with the best exit intent popup technology!

The purpose of cMercury list growth cum lead gen platform is to provide a strong call to action; the action is to convert a website visit to a loyal customer. A popup advertisement for a sale is often used for email subscriptions. By collecting emails from your visitors, you get a second chance and may be even a third chance to attract and convert them into customers through effective email campaigns. Our intelligent exit intent popup technology increase website visitors by offering customizable popup (HTML or Image), while the website gets fully loaded or the customer is about to exit. The standalone platform generate leads by establishing relationships through customer subscriptions and helps to increase database with the use of opt-in forms like popup, side boxes, top bars, embedded forms etc. cMercury is a powerful tool that can,
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Growth Marketing – The journey from silos to an Omni-channel world

The digital marketing budgets allotted are exponentially growing year over year & many marketers are on the lookout for better integrated omnichannel promotional opportunities. The promotional spends across many of the digital channels are widely scattered in many organizations, and the data insights remain in silos which further aggravates the challenges before the marketer. Read more

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Drive in more User Interaction and Insights by means of appropriately Designed Email Surveys

Drive in more User Interaction and Insights by means of appropriately Designed Email Surveys

Effectively crafted email surveys is a must have in a powerful email marketing strategy and one must be well educated about the benefits surveys could potentially reap in terms of campaign performance, customer insights, brand retention and loyalty, trend analysis etc. The marketer should also be well aware of how to design effective email survey strategy. Survey driven user interactions will gather more personalised insights from the users and it should be a part and parcel of any competitive email campaigning repertoire. In this blog issue, we shall learn how to drive in more user interaction and insights by means of appropriately designed email surveys.  Read more

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Paradigms for Subscriber Engagement in Email Marketing

If you want more subscriber engagement in email marketing as you would ideally like to push in your products and services it will be always optimal to keep note of certain paradigms for engagement as demonstrated as standard frameworks within which a subscriber attends to your email campaigns. Here we bring before you some paradigms for subscriber engagement in email marketing: Read more

Exit Intent Popup

What is Exit Intent Popup? How it helps multifold ROI for your business?

Conversion is the principal lead process of every business. Entrepreneurs run behind all the tactics whether traditional or trendy to spike up the conversion rate. Having a lot of competitors in each industry irrespective of the size of the market and domain, it’s literally hard to strive through without any value adding approach that can speak for your business and eventually helping in generating conversions. Please be introduced to Exit Intent Popup, which is also known as Lightbox. Exit Intent Pop is such one powerful value adding strategy in the lead generation roadmap. Let’s learn more below.

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