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300 billion emails, 3 billion email inboxes! Is your email tailor-made for your unique customer?

Read on to find out how and why strategic and scientific email marketing never ceases to do wonders in digital marketing…

For Mrs. Robin, it was one of those busy Monday mornings.

Time for the usual coffee and running in at the nick of time after dropping her kids off at the school. She had just 5 minutes to spare before starting off her weekly review meeting. In spite of the morning rush, she ended up opening her inbox without much thought, out of habit.

Her eyes searched- for something, anything that required immediate attention while glancing through the numerous emails and sipping her coffee in between.

She lost interest in the emails upon realizing that there wasn’t much other than a PTA meeting alert from the school in addition to the regular quota of promotions, newsletters and social media updates.

Just as she was about to close the window, she noticed a new email.


It was about a discount offer for the holiday plan she had checked out the other day. Having been reminded of the reservation for the next weekend holiday trip, she opened the email to take one quick look. Before rushing off to the review meeting, she made a mental note- ‘I better come back and do the booking.’


Talk about creating a sense of urgency.


Did you know the first email was sent by Ray Tomlinson to himself in 1971? Interesting, isn’t it?

Well, ever since, emails have been a part of communication. Over the recent few years, it’s been part and parcel of digital marketing.

Explored and experimented a great deal, email marketing technology has contributed heavily not just in terms of ROI, but efficiency and spot on deliverability.

Studies reveal that Mrs. Robin is just one among the 3 billion people who will be relying on emails by 2020 not just for professional use but for everyday life. While frequent inbox checking also helps the users fulfill their psychological need for procrastination, distraction and information, marketers are working out means and optimal tools to convert this time spent online to optimum clicks.

With an estimated 300 billion emails sent per day by 2020, making a difference and gaining enough attention to result in an action is no easy task.

Effective strategies and tools for personalization and accurate deliverability comes into action here.


Email marketing; making a real difference

We are all familiar with the usage and effectiveness of welcome emails and the rise in attractiveness due to personalization. However, advanced features like API based triggered alerts and engagement-based priority sending can make a huge difference. Mrs. Robin’s case for example- a timely discount offer, calling out her attention at the right time enabled a quick response to the Call-To-Action. While many of the emails in her inbox also had similar CTA buttons, none of those were successful in enabling engagement.

Building a precision audience based on customers’ demographic profiles, engagement, preferences, historic transaction or browsing data or even device specific behavior is now possible with smarter segmentation capabilities of iCubesPro email marketing services.

Features such as precision targeting and predictive content recommendation is also focused upon and made use of for optimal results.

Yet, the challenge does not end there especially when we know that open rate is not synonymous with email performance.

Open rate may not be acknowledged as a key performance indicator which leads us to the importance of a click strategy.


Higher performance with smarter strategies

A click strategy which can ensure step by step guidance to the user by assessing their preferences and interests so as to make sure they are onboard as customers. Mrs. Robin, after her long and tiring meeting might completely forget about her booking reservation. This can be avoided if a timely email notification pops up on her mobile screen from wherein she can be directed towards a landing page.

Our device responsive templates will ensure that she reaches the final stage of the purchase journey and can do the needful on her mobile itself, after careful deliberation of her available choices and of course, a little motivation throughout the process. This clearly explains the need for real-time conditional triggers and the possibilities of remarketing in email marketing.

iCubesPro Predictive intelligent emails can auto fetch one-to-one product recommendations and the trending products based on machine learning. Personalized attention and predictive recommendations made available in the mailer body leads to instant customer engagement and interactions.

Learn how India’s leading fashion jewellery e-tailer achieved 4 times more customer engagement and revenue with iCubesPro Predictive Intelligent Emails.

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Introducing some interesting email marketing features…

Features including the recently introduced CC and BCC update makes list management process much easier while protecting the much-needed privacy in case of emails. This does much more than sending out emails, say party invites in one go while keeping the receiver list hidden. BCC option, once enabled can be used to keep track of all the mails sent from the particular platform by assigning a specified email address where a copy of all mails will be sent for easier analysis. This is especially important for maintaining a record of all emails sent- segmented audience-wise.

Email marketing for banks and financial institutions could make use of the BCC feature immensely. With this feature, it’s possible to send a product delivery alert via CC to a delivery manager and possibly, a BCC to the logistics team. A matrimony client of Caspar uses the CC option while sending interest emails to its customers. Keeping the Customer Service executive in CC helps the executive in following up with the customer. Here’s another instance of using the CC feature- In some cases, if the receiver tries to reply to the sender, it may throw an invalid email address error. However, if the user needs to get more information, it’s possible by using the CC feature with a valid email address.

The attachment option is another highlight, now made accessible to iCubesPro users. This feature allows attaching pdf docs of suitable sizes with the email campaigns so as to improve customer experience by way of providing additional information. In the case of a bank statement – an attachment delivery could have a CC to the Relationship Manager and a BCC to the back-office management team, if the bank prefers so.

One of the most acknowledged features of email marketing is its ability to gain insight into email deliverability statistics and post-campaign analytics.

Gaining access to a rich dashboard like that of the iCubesPro, can present to you detailed real-time analytics and reports with open rates, click rates, campaign comparisons, subscriber engagement reports and much more.

Each campaign can be made much better than the previous one through constant analysis of campaigns and efficient use of real-time data made available. Email marketing campaigns cannot be more dynamic, up-to-date, rightly timed and easy to deliver with our campaign scheduling features, count down timer and A/B testing with auto scheduling of the winner campaign.



Successful email campaigns are not just about guiding Mrs. Robin to complete a purchase journey but rather giving her enough reasons to keep looking out for more of these predictive intelligent emails, thereby winning a customer advocacy case as well.

We live in an age of sweeping changes- mobile devices and wearables are disrupting email design.

Inbox providers like Gmail are analyzing engagement and deliverability threadbare and redefining it more often than we would like them to.

Email service providers (ESPs) are bold enough to stick their neck out and give a fillip to personalization and targeting.

In short, Email as a channel is in a state of flux.


What does it mean for email marketers?

It means marketers are alert- they have their antenna up perpetually, they are busy scanning the environment, learning, adding features and getting ready for tomorrow.

Did someone say nimble, agile, resilient? Yes, those are the buzz words for email marketers.

Stay tuned to know what’s in the near horizon for email marketers!



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