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Responsive design - icubespro

iCubesPro sketches out the best from and for your brand. Our think-tank creative leaders are skilled to draw out world-class concepts that help your brand stand out and shine in limelight. Below are our creative design prototypes that help you outperform.

Channel Specific Ad Creation

The necessity of having a different tool for every marketing channel is difficult. Our sophisticated email software suits your email campaigns, text messaging, and social media needs entirely under one platform with minimal effort. Visually attractive email campaigns grab the attention of clients establishing customer relationships and building loyalty to increase the sales of your company. Creating these visually attractive email campaigns is made easy by adapting them to any of our customizable templates for email marketing.

Marketers can amplify email marketing campaigns by publishing them on social networks, multiplying your email reachability and generating more leads. The email campaigns templates designed by our expert artistic team can be easily customized to fit your specific needs and can be integrated into any channel. In short, it allows you to publish the same content on any platform.

Responsive Designs

Responsive design - icubespro

No guide really tells you how an email campaign has to be designed, but what is clear is that the design has to be responsive to something very important in this century. The objective of responsive design is to provide web users with the same content regardless of the device with which they have connected. The page must be available despite the screen size or the loading speed of the device. 

Web design experts rate it as the top desirable tactic. One of the greatest benefits offered by responsive design is the improvement of SEO positioning. The more compatible devices you have the more reach your page will receive. This will certainly generate more traffic to your website.

Email marketing campaigns that are not optimized for smartphones or mobile devices will give consumers a poor experience. A single campaign is created adapting all the contents according to the resolution and the devices from where it will be seen. Separate templates are not needed for every device. As a result, it saves a lot of time and effort. 

Mobile responses are growing and responsive emails give a more satisfying experience encouraging customers to click through and have more qualified conversions. Keeping in mind the trends and importance of email marketing. We have built-in pre-designed templates and layouts responsive to all devices to engage and retain our customers.

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