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Drive in more User Interaction and Insights by means of appropriately Designed Email Surveys

Drive in more User Interaction and Insights by means of appropriately Designed Email Surveys

Effectively crafted email surveys is a must have in a powerful email marketing strategy and one must be well educated about the benefits surveys could potentially reap in terms of campaign performance, customer insights, brand retention and loyalty, trend analysis etc. The marketer should also be well aware of how to design effective email survey strategy. Survey driven user interactions will gather more personalised insights from the users and it should be a part and parcel of any competitive email campaigning repertoire. In this blog issue, we shall learn how to drive in more user interaction and insights by means of appropriately designed email surveys. 

Regularly conducting surveys allows you to have a host of benefits such as engaging subscriber communications, gathering performance insights of your email campaigns, get threads for innovative business ideas, uncovering campaign engagement trends, driving customer satisfaction, retention, customer loyalty and so on. Also, several checklists are to be kept in the queue if you ought to be conducting regular email surveys which are to be discussed in detailed.

Designing engaging email surveys

The question of the survey content depends on what information you would like to extract from your customers regarding the campaigns, products, services or the brand. You could ask questions regarding the quality of the content, frequency, relevancy of the content, quality of products and services or brand image to your users. Having said that, the overall frameworks by which a survey is designed are centred on a few concise points that are explained further.

  1. Make it short and simple

One would not want their user to be overloaded with information. Prepare your surveys to be brief and to the point. Make it no more than 10-15 questions at a stretch and provide them with a few probable answer choices so as not to catch them thinking so much.

  1. Accommodate an appropriate time frame

Design surveys such that it won’t take much time from your users. Ideally, anything around 5-10 minutes is a rough time estimate that is fair enough for your users to complete the survey, and moving beyond the customer might lose interest in completing it.

  1. Let the customer guide you

Seek guidance from your customer so that you could get to know whether the subscribers are thrilled with your content and the customer preferences and their likeliness to stick on with your brand.

  1. Coax them to participate

Not all your customers will be interested in participating in your surveys without an incentive and participating in your surveys won’t be one of their top priorities. One needs to be more convincing regarding the rewards that could compensate their time – like valuable offers, discounts, freebies etc. could do the needy.

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  1. Make it open ended

Not all your survey questions need not be close ended like yes/no/maybe or provided with probable options. Ask open-ended questions with no definitive answers such that your users could express themselves freely.

  1. Implement feedbacks, share the results

If a customer feedback seems genuine, lackadaisically shying away from implementing their feedbacks would be the last thing you ought to do. Share them the results of their feedbacks and demonstrate them the value of their participation as well as your commitment to keeping them satisfied.

  1. Show them your gratitude

Send out a simple personalised message so as to show gratitude to the participants of the survey thanking them for the valuable time they took to complete the survey which may have worked wonders for your business performance.

Now that you know the secret recipe for designing engaging email surveys, why not outrightly make sure that you implement them in your email campaigns. Email marketing services in India with their vast domain experience, expertise and knowledge could guide you through creating world-class email marketing programs. Send over an email to to have a free one-to-one counselling on email marketing and whereabouts.