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Experience the Best Email Marketing Service from the Top Automated Email Software

iCubesPro provides AI-based email marketing and helps you to get the most out of the technology. The advanced platform functionalities, data management, and assistance offer our customers the best email marketing service experience. Further, it helps them build a strong relationship and improve their overall email marketing productivity.

Best Email Marketing Service Consulting

The best email marketing service is the main objective of our brand. Email delivery is not just to make sure your emails reach your customer’s inbox. In addition, they should receive your promotional emails to increase your click, open and engagement rates. Emails are always optimized for a good email delivery rate. However, some factors keep these triggered emails away from reaching the recipient’s inbox. As a result, it goes to the spam folder.

How We Solve Email Delivery Issues?

Google, Yahoo and other ISPs frequently update algorithms to keep spam promotional emails away. So, to make them land in the inbox is always a challenge. The in-house automated email programs make sure that our customers have the best email service experience. We reduce spam emails and improve email deliverability services by using our best email verification and validation tool.

Email delivery rate is a growing concern for marketers. For example, 1 in 10 email campaigns lands in the spam folder. You create an ideal email campaign and when it doesn’t reach your customer’s inbox, it is a waste of time and money. Our best email delivery service helps you start right and lands your targeted email to its destination. SPF, DMARC security, DKIM authentication are some of the other related email deliver functions. It makes sure that your email campaigns reach right at the receiver’s inbox. 

We deliver emails in large volume using dedicated IPs with pool management. For that, we make use of our best email marketing automation tools. Also, we employ the best verification and validation tool to remove invalid contacts from the email list. It will reduce the bounce rate and guarantees a high email delivery rate in the inbox. Moreover, our expert team focuses on all other features that address the email campaign delivery issues.

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Technical Configuration & Support

Our dedicated team offers customers expert knowledge and assistance and guide you through best email marketing service and data management journey. From product demo to configuration, we want you to get the most out of the technology. 

Our automated email marketing services offer customers knowledge and solution on technical configuration, support and all other related topics. Further, it guides you through your email marketing automation and data management journey. In short, from product demo to configuration, we want you to get the most out of our best email marketing service. 

Our customized email marketing automation practices includes guidance, configuration assistance, and product demo that help meet your goals. We solve the areas of improvement and focus on productivity. Therefore, our highly qualified technical experts process requests faster in an efficient manner to build a strong customer relationship.

Account Management

Our account management service for specific business purposes is offered in two ways to provide flexibility.

Full Service:

Firstly, our full account management services are provided by our email marketing team. It includes account management, email delivery consultation, phone and email support etc.


On the other hand, our self account management services are where the user will be given access to the platform. They will manage it from their side and the essential support will be given from our side.

To Sum Up

iCubesPro maintains its pride as the best email marketing service provider. Most importantly, we had simplified the email marketing efforts of several leading Asian enterprises. Some of them include Taj Hotels, IndiaMart, Myntra, Mydala,, Titan Watches, Pepperfry, Metro Shoes, Big Basket,, IAS Media, Zivame, Clovia, Radisson Blu, Hopscotch, Global Delight, Halaltrip, Biba, Shuttland and more. You may be the next one on the list. So contact us now and run automated email marketing campaigns that convert!