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Pre-designed Device Responsive Templates for Successful Email Campaigns!

Ever figured, the outlook of your email creative could be defined with ease? It sure is possible, if you have smartly used the well-crafted mobile responsive templates which come absolutely free for our customers!

Contrary to the traditional approach to email marketing where the marketing team heavily relies on 3rd party agencies or partners for creative designs, modern email marketing has deeply evolved where just at the click of a button the designer is able to choose the template of his choice and tweak it as per her wish and go live with your campaigns in few minutes! Using a pre-designed template not only brings in efficacy and ease but also saves time, labour and money, enabling you to deliver your campaigns on the dot! Now create user-friendly campaigns with consistency and conciseness ensuring better open rates considering the myriad of emails, customers frequently come across

Pre-designed Templates, Why Do You Need Them?

At iCubesPro, easy availability of a wide array of templates gives you the benefit of choosing without compromising on your tastes, preferences and needs. But, why do you need to choose a pre-designed template for your email campaign is the big question. Preparing an email campaign with template helps in getting off to a flying start as they do the basics for you, giving the campaign framework.

A framework could mean anything ranging from a basic layout which can be fully customised to a pre-defined template ready to be used once the content is uploaded. Creation of your campaigns becomes a smooth-sail with iCubespro’s flexible but powerful ‘rich-editor’. Use our system as your workspace even for basic tasks starting from the creation of your text content made possible with our built-in editor. In other words, you need not even copy-paste text content as you simply type it out in our rich-editor like a word doc. The same level of ease is applicable to the creative side of your campaign as well. Images of your choice or infographics including your logo or highlighted feature of a particular campaign (example – say a custom image you don’t want to be missed out in your campaign) can be uploaded with ‘drag and drop’ option from the image library.

iCubesPro Device Responsive templates can be fully or partially customised in terms of size, alignment, and position for any kind of content you upload. Utilise this for numerous campaigns be it regular promotions, or triggered emails or Machine Learning based Predictive Intelligent emails,  with the added benefits of uniformity and a professional outlook to your campaigns. The sense of familiarity is often appreciated by the customers albeit a touch of creativity would add to its charisma. Maintaining the dynamic nature of campaigns does not get hindered by using templates, which is often misunderstood as its downside. Consistent branding backed by originality of the campaigns will be ensured with the numerous edges iCubesPro rich-templates enable, including high-speed email campaigns preparation, a significant reduction in errors resulting in lower customer retention if not taken heed of and many other perks. Also, you’ll now be able to focus on the real content without worrying about the peripheral intricacies.

Responsive and Responsible (Error proof) campaigns

Once your eye-catchy campaigns are ready to be sent out, we’ll help you make sure they’re quite ready to be impeccable as well. Take a step ahead in your campaign process by viewing your campaign through the eyes of the end-user before clicking the send button. Ensure it is errorless and appealing by scrutinizing the campaign preview. Previews are available not just in the desktop version but also in the mobile and tab versions for you to make sure campaigns are responsive and appeasing irrespective of the device used to view the same. Your creative team or the campaign manager has the provision to easily flip between the design view and code view to make any last-minute tweaks if required.

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Now that you’re satisfied with its look and assured of its perfection, it is time to DELIVER. The finalised templates can either be used for a specific mailing list or be used for your scheduled trigger based campaigns like welcome emails, birthday alerts etc.

Being a step ahead also means, being prepared for the unexpected. The campaign manager can now create a text version of the mailer, just at the click of a button. For the campaign recipient, in case of a failure to deliver the HTML version, the text version is served promptly. Our device responsive Templates thus end up saving money for you while making email campaigns appealing at a quick pace sans errors.

These Templates are not just giving you better results, rather enabling you to make your own results like a pro. With the number of smart choices, iCubesPro provide, you’ll be the creator of not just numerous campaigns but the ones that matter to you and your end-user. Make it count each time with ease and assured deliverability.