cMercury List Builder

Increase website visitor engagement with customizable popups.

Provide your website visitors an ineluctable offer through an HTML or image popup, when the website is fully loaded or when the visitor is detected about to leave the website. Drive the most with our intelligent exit intent popup technology and experience how novel it’s from the rest website exit popup software in the market.

Convert abandoning visitors into subscribers and customers.

iCubesPro has everything you need to grow your business. We help you create beautiful, customizable opt-in forms, image and HTML popups to tackle your website visitors when they are on your website or when they are about to leave the website.

Lead generation simplified

The easiest way to generate leads. With opt-in forms in the likes of popups, embedded forms, top bars, and slide boxes we help you increase your customer database.

Automated welcome emails

Automatically link your customers’ email id and attributes generated through popups with a particular campaign list to trigger automated welcome emails.

Lower cart abandonment

Action in real-time! Our technology is rich to trigger popups to lower cart abandonment tracking the movement of users. You can provide offers to cart abandoning customers based on price range of the products.

Mobile-friendly popups

We know how important it’s to monetize mobile visitors and our popup technology fits to the best size on tablets, and smartphones.

Create display rules

You know your customers better than anyone. And you have complete freedom to display popups on the pages you want, and by what time you want it to be displayed when a visitor comes to a webpage.

Customizable templates

You can place customized popups that suits your website design. You can either create your own or use from our pre-created themes.

Analytics and reports

Advanced analytics to help the marketer gather deep and important insights around exit intent popup in order to optimise the future campaigns..

Up sell and cross sell

Effectively insist customers to upgrade the product or associated product when they are on the website.

Drag and drop editor

Powerful yet simple drag & drop editor allows you to create visually stunning popups that generate high value to your conversions.

Coupon code

Serve coupon code in popups. With enticing popup you can attract the eyeballs of your customers when they try to leave website without completing the purchase.

New product launch and special discounts

Inform website visitors about new products, and special discounts engaging them at the very moment they enter the website.



Pull in your creators on board. Extend the efficiency with HTML, GIF, image and fill-up form popups.


Observe and identify when a user is about to leave the platform, and push a high-yielding popup.


Push unbelievable offers recognizing that the user is about to leave the webpage without any purchase.


Effectively navigate your customers to complete the purchase when they try to leave website abandoning the cart.


Want more information of your customer for a personalized campaign or cold call? Just activate it.


Technology that comprehensively performs on browsers, OSs, mobile phones, tablets, and desktops platforms.


Excite your customers with countdown timers popped up on your website. You can also include category based coupon code in the popup.


It’s just a one-time process. Once you have integrated the script in the backend, you can serve popups on the webpages you wish.


Synchronise email ids and attributes generated through exit popups to a particular list and smartly employ the same for automated emails.

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