Facebook Remarketing

Power-up your email marketing beyond conventional strategies.

Synchronise your email campaign with Facebook simply and automatically to retarget your customers on Facebook using their attributes - email address and phone number from the list.

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How it works ?

Focused Remarketing

Serve focused ad on Facebook only to your potential customers who are in the list using their email addresses and phone number.

Automated system

Once the email campaign is released, our automated system has the capability to serve individual ad to non-openers, openers, and clickers on Facebook based on the users’ email campaign behaviour.

One time setup

You can create the rule on dashboard, which is very simple to use and track. It’s just a one-time setup. Once it’s done, all you have to do is sit back and watch the performance of your ad served on Facebook.

Accuracy in process

Our comprehensive system kills the least probability of human errors creating a bridge between our email platform and Facebook to regenerating fresh non-openers’, openers’, and clickers’ list at right interval of time based on the rule created.

Lesser man hours

Enabling an automated system and one-time process, iCubesPro Facebook remarketing helps you cut down your man hours.

Works with email & phone

You can run Facebook remarketing campaigns with your customers’ email addresses and phone numbers, which ensure higher customer engagement and conversion rate.

Do it in same place

Whether your goal is to engage your customers through email or through email and Facebook, you can now do it in the same place.

Multifold ROI

With iCubesPro Facebook remarketing, we help you target only the precise and potential customers, which results in multifold ROI than standard Facebook remarketing approaches.

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